Our coffee

We find a broad array of coffees from all over the world to make sure that you can find something that you love. Free shipping in Norway, always.

  • Tobacco & mint

    Kamajumba in Rwanda is one of three single farms in this region. It covers 9 hectares and is made up of 19,460 coffee trees. This gives the farm the capacity to keep its own production separate and process its cherries into green coffee without combining with other farmer’s production.

  • Bakers chocolate & nuts

    Hernando Gomez owns Bella Vista, a beautiful farm found at the end of a long and bumpy drive over three mountain ranges.

  • Sweet Liquorice & Lavender

    The fourth of this years spectacular offers from Kenya, this little gem from Karuthi, Nyeri is so complex, balanced and sweet. Its the perfect combination of the winey, juicy but also floral and delicate.

  • Plum & Dates

    We continue to be totally blown away by the offers coming from Honduras this year. Each coffee that we've found has been well produced, beautifully balanced and has remained really solid on the cupping table for its whole stay with us.

  • Vanilla & Brown Sugar

    Colombian coffees are especially interesting because of the varied terrain and climate. We're really excited to welcome another fresh crop offering from the Huila region from a producer we haven't worked with before.

  • Mandarine & Jasmine

    Sold out. We absolutely love coffees from this region in Ethiopia. They are clean, floral, bright and offer a nice counter balance to the heavier coffees we're releasing at the moment. So when the opportunity came to showcase the 2017 harvest of a coffee we already love, we jumped at the chance.

  • Biscuit & Hazelnut

    In Usulatan, El Salvador, on top of the Tepeca volcano, you can find Los Pirineos owned by the producer Gilberto Baraona. It’s located on a volcanic mountain range surrounded by the cities of Berlin, Santiago de Maria and Joy.

  • Peach & Jasmine

    Sold out. Those of you that enjoyed the elegant, tea like mouthfeel of the Apricot & Black Tea will really enjoy this gentle, crisp and lovely coffee from Ethiopia.

  • Tamarillo & Green Apple

    Sold out. Nyeri is a region in Kenya that has become synonymous with tart, juicy, wine-like, high-quality coffees. This beauty from the Mugaga Cooperative is a perfect example of why this region is so revered by coffee industry professionals.

  • Plum & Blackcurrent

    Sold out. This lovely coffee from Honduras is an markedly different style in comparison with other coffees from the region.

  • Almond & Butter

    Sold out. This classic Guatemalan coffee is grown on a farm named El Falso, which was inherited by Josue Burgos in 1992. It is round and full bodied, an excellent breakfast coffee.

  • Pomegranate & Golden Syrup

    Sold out. Since moving to Norway five years ago, I've been working with the coffees from Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera. They were the first producers of Honduran coffee to totally change my perception of what was possible in coffees from this region.

  • Violet Honey Geisha

    Sold out. For the last seven years, Roger Ureña has been meticulously researching and preparing the replanting of his recently purchased farm, Santa Teresa in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Amongst the different varieties he's now producing, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a small amount of honey processed Geisha.

  • Fuzzy Peach & Brandy

    Sold out. Luis Saldarriaga encapsulates the incredible energy of the next generation of Colombian coffee producers. Since taking over his father's farm two years ago, he continues to test theories and explore new methods. This coffee is a wonderful example of the fruits of his labour.

  • Pixie Dust & Candy

    Sold out. You know that first time you tasted a coffee and you felt like you really understood what all the fuss was about? This is that coffee. Without a doubt, hands down, this is the most delicious coffee we've ever tasted.

  • Lemonade & Honey

    Sold out. Burundi had a fantastic harvest last year and the first of our Burundian coffees has been tasting and performing wonderfully over the months. This is why we wanted to bring you another delicious coffee from this region.

  • Fig & Grapefruit

    Sold out. This astoundingly bright and complex coffee comes from a farm named El Embudo located in La Plata and is part of a new project Nordic Approach is hoping to develop. It's a unique Colombian coffee that pushes the boundaries of the type of flavours traditionally found in this region.

  • Cherry & Liquorice

    Sold out. Costa Rica is a very unique producing country because of the many small mills that exist to process and harvest micro lots and different varieties from its surrounding region. La Roca is run by the Umaña family and we’re excited to purchase coffee from their third year of production.

  • Lavender & Red Currant

    Sold out. The cooperative at Kapsokisio in Kenya produces stunning coffees that are unique and unlike other coffees produced in different parts of the country. Having worked with this cooperative extensively in the past, we are over the moon to work alongside Cafe Imports to share it with you.

  • Yellow Apple & Tomato

    Sold out. There is something particular about the taste of Kenyan coffee that is unlike anything else. We're really excited about this beauty from the Kirinyaga province, as its our first fresh crop coffee from this region for 2017.

  • Lime & Nectarine

    Sold out. Ian from Curated Brew, a subscription service based in the UK, got in touch with us a few months ago hoping that we could find a stellar coffee to offer for their April box. We thought that this delicious, ripe and zesty Rwandan coffee was just the right fit.

  • Ice Cream Sundae

    Sold out. If you enjoyed the Gesha Village, then this coffee is definitely for you. We managed to get our hands on the only 20kg of this varietal that was produced this year and it is especially interesting because its usually impossible because of the climate to produce naturals in Colombia but the unusually hot Summer has allowed for this really special treat.

  • Plum & Almond

    Sold out. A gorgeous Colombian coffee, perfect for espresso drinkers or those looking for a more intense mouthfeel. We found this coffee on a cupping table in Oslo and couldn't wait to share it with you.

  • Rhubarb & Rose hip

    Utsolgt. The team at Helsar de Zarcero in Costa Rica are dedicated to producing the most extraordinary cascara we've ever tasted. They've been working with the school of food science and technology at the University of Costa Rica to develop a method to dehydrate organic coffee pulp and its really paying off.